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Storm Damage Services Offered from Bay Area DKI

Storm damage is some of the most unpredictable because it can happen in any type of storm. It doesn’t need to be a tornado or hurricane to knock an older, weaker tree over onto your house or garage. No matter the form of storm, the damage suffered can happen rapidly and without warning. The 24-hour response team at Bay Area DKI is here to help with storm damage services that will get you and your family back to living in your home debris and damage free.

Strong winds blowing palm trees at the beach

Storm Damage Service for Commercial Areas

Tampa Bay and Jeffersonville are in good hands when they call on Bay Area DKI to assist with storm damage for their commercial space. No matter the size of your business or the damage done, we are here to get your building safe again so that you and your employees can get back to work in no time. We are the leading restoration in the area and have helped many get right back up on their feet once a storm has rolled through town.

In times of crisis, many people will turn to hospitals for help, but where can healthcare facilities turn to during a catastrophe? Our damage restoration teams are trained on the latest tools and ICRA protocols to provide a quality disaster repair for your healthcare facility.

Preventative Measures in the Storm

Our team is equipped to assist with preventative measures to keep our home even safer, so call us sooner rather than later and we will use our skills and tools to prepare your house, which will help lower storm damage repair costs and have your property readier should the storm continue.

Your home is a major investment, and, in the event of a catastrophe, it takes a fast restoration solution to bring you back to normal quickly. DKI provides residential damage restoration services for homeowners throughout the U.S. From mold or broken pipes to complete reconstruction, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a time-sensitive and cost-effective solution.

Restoring Properties After Disasters of All Types and Sizes