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Personal Property Restoration Services from Bay Area DKI

Bay Area DKI is here to fully help with restoration and damages done to your home. This also includes your belongings inside the home. Often you will find that restoration companies either perform services on the house/office or your prized items inside. We offer both by providing personal property restoration services so that you are fully covered after suffering fires, flood or mold damages.

Cleaning Service Offered for Your Personal Property

Skilled DKI technicians use specialized technology and procedures to restore fabric-related items to their pre-loss condition. No matter the damage caused we have a process that will give your items new life. We use ozone treatment the break down foreign particles that cause the odor from fire or flooding damages.

Restoration of fabric items is one of the most sought-after services during disaster clean up. Your personal property is just as important as your house or office and Bay Area DKI wants to be your one place to get everything repaired and restored.

Young girl holding her teddy bear

Some of the Items We Can Clean

  • Linens, fabrics and bedding
  • Leather, fur and suede garments
  • Stuffed animals and dolls
  • Wedding gowns
  • Rugs
  • Blinds and shades

Pack-Out and Storage of Your Damaged Personal Property

When Bay Area DKI performs our restoration services, you will need to store the items of your home somewhere while we complete our plan. We have you covered for this and will help store your personal property. These actions are included in the plan that we will share with you and your insurance company so that you won’t have to worry about dealing with another contractor to store your personal property. We will make sure that your property is returned after our comprehensive restoration process using the same inventory procedures and documentation employed in the pack-out process.

Restoring Properties After Disasters of All Types and Sizes